Evan Gipson The Music of Morphite

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Morphite is an atmospheric Sci Fi adventure in a stylized universe. The video game (iOS, Android, PC Steam) was written and created by Josh Presseisen (of Marumari fame) and players can journey to distant planets in hopes of discovering new animals and plants, while finding the secrets of Myrah Kale’s past. Presseisen enlisted Evan Gipson to compose the soundtrack for the game. Gipson has been composing music for Presseisen’s Crescent Moon Games, which include titles such as Mines of Mars, Hammer Bomb, and Sparkwave. This time Gipson brings us a massive and epic soundtrack, filled with desolate tones and energized synthesizers, the perfect fit for space exploration. The soundtrack release for Morphite includes over 50 tracks by Gipson and a special guest appearance by Marumari on remix duties after a long absence from the music scene. The Morphite soundtrack will be released digitally by Carpark Records on October 11th.

Artist Bio

Evan Gipson is a musician originally from Jackson, Michigan who currently lives in Austin, Texas. Evan graduated from Western Michigan University in 2011, with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Math. He is constantly on the lookout for ways to merge his two main interests in life: music and programming. The result is a gorgeous blend of pop melody and digital preciseness that will appeal to fans of classic IDM and ambient electronic music. He composes music using Ableton, Pure Data, Synplant, an Alesis Q49, a Maschine, and anything else he can get his hands on; he is always looking for new ways to compose music. His portfolio includes music for four video games: Mines of Mars, Hammerbomb, The Deer God, and he is working currently on the soundtrack for Morphite, a video game created by Carpark’s own Marumari.

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Digital: 677517404654


1. Curved Horizon
2. Console Interface
3. Take Off
4. Time Trial
5. Lap One
6. Just Another Minute
7. Ship’s Lost
8. Hyperdrive
9. Wind Tunnel (feat. Marumari)
10. Secrets Broadcast
11. Ice Caverns
12. Gathering A Rune
13. Incoming Transmission
14. Sightseeing Spacewoman
15. Fissures
16. Sweltering Heat
17. Roaming Under Two Suns
18. A Lost Memory
19. Morphite Underfoot
20. Pink Skies
21. Frigid Winds
22. Desolate Planet
23. Caution
24. Eternal Contemplation
25. A Quick Reprise
26. Space Station Hangar
27. Lonely Gusts
28. Stay Close, Stray Far
29. Dawn Unknown
30. Long Gone
31. Nebula Above
32. Decisions
33. Moon River
34. Encrypted Message
35. Another Species
36. Engage
37. Shields Up
38. Radio Transmission Delayed
39. Unforeseen Consequence
40. Environmental Readings
41. Shields Passive
42. Mines of Morphite
43. Smooth Landing
44. Morphite Caverns
45. Lightspeed
46. Echo Chamber
47. Thinking Space
48. Briefing
49. An Ancient Proposition
50. It’s All Come To This
51. More Morphite (feat. Marumari)
52. Previously Untold
53. Sunset Overlooking
54. Far Away – First Draft
55. Far Away – Third Draft (minimal)
56. Trailer Theme 1
57. Trailer Theme 2