Kit Clayton vs. Safety Scissors The Ping Pong EP


Playfulness. Competition. Innocence. Cruelty. Excitement. Anxiety. Ping. Pong.

A fast-paced volley of broken thoughts and insecurities, this story charts the wavering desires of two petty humans trying desperately to conform to an undiscoverable standard. In this fruitless effort they travel through wildly divergent territories of the familiar and inaccessible with rapid bursts of alternating comfort and confusion.

Ripe with the melodrama and intrigue of our exceedingly product-focused lives, reality TV has never been so compelling.

Shhhh…Can you hear the orc ballet? Half-hearted mumblings of a motionless wave? chewing gum squishing between an elderly couple’s toes? Questions left unspoken, preempted by the ponies that we never even asked for? Don Quixote marking out the perimeter of Thunderdome in pink toothpaste? The carp? The ark? Or the flood to follow?

Exhilaratingly brisk, charmingly raw, and unquestionably musical, The Ping Pong EP fills us with hope for the new world we’ve already forgotten.

Artist Bio

In the late ’90s, San Francisco’s electronic music scene began to gain attention and grow through releases on Belief-Systems, internet broadcasters such as Beta-Lounge, and the electronic-based magazine XL8TR. With a strong group of artists such as Kit Clayton and Mark Farina, the Bay Area developed a reputation for producing a wide range of talented electronic artists — part of this camp is Matthew Patterson Curry, artistically known as Safety Scissors. Described as a more upbeat and eclectic minimalist dub sound, Curry has recorded for the labels Force Tracks, Context, Plug Research, and Beta Bodega. Often adding his own unpolished vocals and sampled additions, Curry has grown into his own identity amongst the Belief-Systems collective.

Curry is originally from Minneapolis, MN, and relocated to the San Francisco area to have a short stint in art school. Deciding to focus more on music, Curry eventually joined the Belief Systems/Context Records collective. A part of a distinct assembly of artists and musicians, he began working with Kit Clayton, Sutekh, and Twerk. Though he is mostly known for his more offbeat ambient works, he also produced more dance-oriented material for the labels Cytrax and Force Tracks. Curry also performs under the name Moron with Seth Horvitz (Sutekh). In 2000 Curry moved to Berlin, which at the time was a sort of artistic oasis for many electronic producers and artists. The following year Curry released Parts Water on Plug Research.

— Diana Potts,

Photo by Aimee Friberg © 2012

Joshua Kit Clayton is a San Francisco based computer programmer and electronic musician. Born in Evanston, Illinois in 1974, he went on to study computer science and electronic music at Wesleyan University and has since released various musical compositions on record labels such as Cytrax, Vertical Form, ~scape, Mille Plateaux, and Orthlorng Musork. In addition to his musical work, Joshua is a programmer for Cycling ’74, where he is responsible for further development of the Max/MSP MIDI/audio programming environment. Recent work has focused on “Jitter,” a multi-dimensional dataset processing and visualization architecture with applications in audio, video, and 3D graphics.


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