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  1. Sheets of Grey

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Ducks Ltd burst onto the scene with their razor-sharp lyrics and instantly memorable jangle-pop in late 2019 and have not let up since. Following the release of their critically acclaimed, and end-of-year-list lauded, debut LP, Modern Fiction, on Carpark Records in 2021 the band is back today with their latest single. On “Sheets of Grey” lead singer and guitarist, Tom McGreevy writes about one of his dearest topics; the liminal space between the inertia of depression. The ebb and flow of these feelings are evidenced in the rather monotone verses which are swept into the uptempo choruses in high register. “Sheets of Grey” is not all bleak, though, as the band attempts to scrape together a small silver lining while the darkness is closing in. While, thematically, it was not fit for the album, “Sheets of Grey” is worthy of its own release to cement its place in the Ducks Ltd. catalog.

Artist Bio

Ducks Ltd. is a band formed in Toronto, Ontario, and currently based between Toronto and Geelong, Australia, that crafts bright and modern jangle-pop. The duo consists of Tom Mcgreevy, on vocals, rhythm guitar and bass, and Evan Lewis, on lead guitar. Both members were playing in other groups within the Toronto music scene and met while on the same tour. They then decided to collaborate upon discovering their mutual love for 80s pop bands like Felt, Orange Juice, and The Go-Betweens. Together, Ducks Ltd. stitches together layers of intricate melody to make moving, nostalgic music — an irresistible combination that radiates energy and provokes introspection.

After building a reputation in their hometown playing with artists like Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Weyes Blood, The Goon Sax, Juan Wauters, and Yowler, Ducks Ltd. self-released their debut EP, Get Bleak, on November 29th, 2019. Despite being their very first release, the EP received high praise from the international press, including from Pitchfork, who said of the band “Ducks Ltd. understand that dancing through misery is healthier than dancing around it. Their brand of lilting, throwback jangle-pop makes that seem like the easiest thing in the world to do.”

In 2020, Ducks Ltd. signed to Carpark Records & Royal Mountain Records, with promise of a new music in 2021 to mark a new era for the duo. As an opportunity to reintroduce their debut EP, they will release an expanded re-issue of Get Bleak, along with three additional bonus tracks, “Oblivion,” “As Big As All Outside,” and “It’s Easy.” The songs on Get Bleak are full of the unbridled brilliance of pop, but the tracks are split open with the restlessness and critique of living during a more or less chaotic epoch. The re-issue of Get Bleak allows listeners to revisit the tracks from their EP and gives an exciting glimpse of what’s to come from the band.

Ducks Ltd. are brimming with potential, bringing the same warmth to listeners as when unearthing an old fantasy; wistful and existential, but full of new gusts of inspiration and radiance.