Lexie Mountain Boys Sexy Fountain Noise


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Artist Bio

“The lexie mountain boys lived a long secluded life until one day trekking down into the foothills and scaring everyone away.”
Baltimore, 2005. When Mikey from Warmer Milks first met Lexie Mountain, he said with a laugh, “You should have a band and call it The Lexie Mountain Boys!” So she asked her closest friends to come over and they started making tapes of themselves laughing and singing and talking. First came Amy Waller and Katherine Hill, then Lexie’s roommate Sam “Cotton” Garner joined in. At this point, Sam and Amy and Lexie recorded “Clean The House Properly,” which appeared on Lexie’s solo record (confusingly called “Boys”). Though it seems as if they were there all along (even before the band), at some point Roby Newton and Amy Harmon came over to sing and joke. Lexie Mountain Boys birthed itself onto a bill, dusted the blood off and never looked back. Well, rarely.


1. Where We Are From

2. Smack Those Lips

3. Hi Yeah Vein

4. Stop and Discuss, Pt. 1

5. Performance Anxiety

6. Stop and Discuss, Pt. 2

7. Baa Baa Burn It Down

8. Peace Alert: An Army Lost On Space and Time

9. Lullaby for the Dead In Our Life

10. Stop and Discuss, Pt. 3

11. Live At Artscape 7/23/06

12. Stop and Discuss, Pt. 4

13. Hairy Rainbow