Takagi Masakatsu Opus Pia CD


Meant as a companion piece to the Opus Pia DVD, Takagi Masakatsu’s Opus Pia CD fully realizes one of his core beliefs: tiny miracles in daily life.

Only 23 years old, Takagi Masakatsu has already presented his sound and video work in art galleries and clubs throughout Japan, America, and Europe. with this Opus Pia CD, Takagi has taken sounds from his travels around the world (locations include Nepal, Cuba, America, France, Indonesia, Turkey, Greece, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and Japan). He has remixed the original audio from the Opus Pia DVD into three different tracks: “Opus Pia,” “Re Pia 1,” and “Re Pia 2.” Each piece is a meditation on sampled moments occurring throughout the world. Sounds of human experience interweave with Takagi’s piano and computer sounds to create a captivating dance that blurs the distinction between song and documentary. “Harmony”, an extended sound collage, is pure audio travelogue, taking the listener to the aforementioned places in just under twenty-eight minutes. Closing off the CD is “And Then…”, Takagi’s newest track with artist/girlfriend Shinako on vocals.

As Takagi states: “This time, I used my oldest computer sounds, as I could recognize the vision of linking by computerized sounds and natural images in my last travels around the world.” Alternating between the harmonically sublime and the day to day, Opus Pia makes our world that much smaller.

Artist Bio

Born in Kyoto.

Start sound and image project “SILICOM” with AOKI takamasa (sound).

2001 Jan.
Release SILICOM DVD from PROGRESSIVE FOrM in Tokyo (1/25).

2001 Aug.
First solo exhibition [pia] curated by Minoru Hatanaka (ICC) (Pepper’s Gallery, Ginza Tokyo)

2001 Oct.
New video and sound installation [JOURNAL FOR PEOPLE] (art space ‘Zone’, Roppongi, Tokyo)
Release solo album [ pia / takagi masakatsu] (audio CD and video CD-ROM) from Carpark(NY)
Touring among 12 cities in US and Canada for live performance

2001 Nov.
Live performance at “7th Istanbul Biennial” closing event

2002 May
Release audio CD and DVD [opus pia] from Carpark, NY.

Commission work for NHK TV program [Encounter the Beauty] opening video and music, and on air for one year

2002 June
Release audio CD and LP [eating] from Karaoke kalk, Germany

2002 July
[JOURNAL FOR PEOPLE] CD/DVD will be released from daisyworld discs/ cutting edge
[Image Garden-Inspired by Derek Jarman’s films] compilation DVD by three video artists released from UPLINK

2002 Aug.
New video installation [ light park ] shown at Mito Contemporary Art Gallery (10 Aug. – 23 Sep.).
Video and sound works collaborating with ‘Agnes b.’ developed at Agnes B.’s shops in Japan (22 Aug. – 31 Oct.).

2002 Oct.
Participate in the opening event at the new art center “Esplanade” in Singapore.

2002 Nov.
Live performance tour among Europe including 8 nations, 18 cities.

2003 Jan.
Video installation [ world is so beautiful ] at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art (11 Jan. – 23 Mar.)


1. Opus Pia

2. Re Pia 1

3. Re Pia 2

4. Everything Came From Here

5. Harmony

6. And Then…