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Release Preview


Naturalistic allusion, everyday sentimentality, spattering live percussion and gauzy layers of rich electronics effortlessly meld in EAR PWR’s new self-titled release. A rebirthing in many ways, the group’s sophomore effort explores an expansive set of auditory contours and thematic depths left untouched by the pair in their 2009 debut. Intricate electronic compositions showcase an array of textures elicited from Devin Booze’s collection of homemade analog synthesizers and other equipment unique to the group, while Sarah Reynolds’ thoughtfully teased melodies and emotive notions are woven throughout their sonic topographies. Having relocated to the mountainous west of their native North Carolina, the pair has spent considerable time and effort honing a batch of songs with a sound that is both distinct and developmentally consistent with their project’s conceptual maturation over the last year and a half—resulting in a product that is as joyous as it is contemplative, equally sentimental and probing.

Artist Bio

Since 2006, Devin Booze and Sarah Reynolds have been actively recording and performing as EAR PWR, a project crafted around Booze’s instrumentation, Reynolds’ lyricism, and the two’s creatively synergetic interplay. Booze’s training at the Bob Moog founded music technology program at UNCA lays the sonic groundwork upon which EAR PWR is ultimately realized. Utilizing a collection of analog synthesizers and miscellaneous live percussion, the two explore and invent densely textured soundscapes. Following a short-lived stint in Baltimore, EAR PWR returned to the mountains of their native North Carolina to get to work on their sophomore record with a more grounded and earnest approach than was seen on their off-the-cuff and dance-heavy Carpark debut. Booze’s handwritten musical compositions–compiled while touring Europe and the US with friends Future Islands and labelmate Toro Y Moi–are overlaid with Reynolds’ naturalistic allusion and everyday sentimentality, blossoming into ten diverse tracks of tactile electronica, spattered percussion, thematic depth and lyrical melody that attest to the transformation enacted by these two over the last year and a half. Emerging from this sea change is a unique creation brimming with joy, contemplation, and an energetic spirit harnessed in Booze and Reynolds’ collaborative commitment to one another in their maturing musical endeavor.  In May of 2011, EAR PWR will have the honor of performing at the ATP Festival in England curated by Animal Collective.


1. Mountain Home

2. Baby Houses

3. Melt

4. Gypsy Blood

5. National Parks

6. Lake

7. North Carolina

8. Feel It

9. Geodes

10. Your Life Is Important