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Melati ESP, the electronic project Melati Malay (Young Magic), released their euphoric debut LP, hipernatural, in April 2023. Drawing on the music era of her teenage years growing up in Jakarta as well as her current work in Asa Tone, Malay’s solo debut is boldly borderless, bridging worlds and wavelengths into a richly imagined hybrid synthetic utopia. To celebrate the LP they have released a hypnotic six-track EP with remixes by Salamanda, Tristan Arp, Air Max ‘97, Kasimyn, Kaazi, and Sattle.

Artist Bio

Melati ESP is the recording alias of Indonesian-born, New York City-based multidisciplinary artist Melati Malay. hipernatural is their debut album.

Melati (Jasmine in Indonesian) Malay grew up in Jakarta, a sprawling subtropical metropolis with a population of 30 million and the administrative capital of 17,000 Indonesian islands. Like other similar Asian megacities, Jakarta is a bewildering melting pot of ancient traditions and future technologies, which merge in a uniquely Javanese late-capitalist equatorial fusion.

Raised in this environment on a dual diet of western pop music and musik Dangdut (a Javanese form of pop blending Hindustani, Arabic, and Malay influence), Malay eventually relocated to New York City in her early 20’s and collaborated, recorded, and performed with an array of experimental groups, refining her practice at DIY venues across the city.

Malay has released music as part of multinational experimental trio Asa Tone (Leaving Records), however hipernatural is the first of her work recorded entirely in the language of her childhood, Indonesian: “It was liberating, not just phonetically, but also culturally, it was important to me.”

Over the last decade Malay has collaborated with U.K. trip-hop pioneer Tricky, U.S. cellist and composer Kelsey Lu, Keifing-born Vancouver based producer Yu Su, and innovative 70’s French composer Ariel Kalma. In what could feel like the middle of a long career, this new project by Melati Malay hints that she may only be beginning.

Marketing Info

Digital UPC: 677517409659

  • Publicity by Dawn Creative
  • Sync licensing by Terrorbird
  • Remix EP of songs off of debut album hipernatural by Melati ESP (aka Melati Malay) sung entirely in Indonesian, the language of her youth
  • Features remixes by Salamanda, Tristan Arp, Air Max ‘97, Kasimyn, Kaazi, and Sattle


  1. KITA VS MEREKA (Salamanda Remix)
  2. ANDA KATAKAN (Tristan Arp Remix)
  3. ITU CUKUP! (Air Max ’97 Remix)
  4. KUPU KUPU ELEKTRONIK (Kasymin Es Daluman House Remix)
  5. INTUISI (Kaazi’s Offworld Mix)
  6. DI ATAS (Sattle Remix)