Turning On (10th Anniversary Edition) by Cloud Nothings out now!

Cloud Nothings just released their 10 year anniversary reissue of their debut album “Turning On” and it’s out now on vinyl and also on streaming platforms. The digital version of the album comes along with four bonus tracks from tours during the band’s early days. 
Listen and purchase a copy here.
Check out the full track list here:
1. Can’t Stay Awake
2. Old Street
3. You Are Opening
4. Turning On
5. Hey Cool Kid
6. Water Turns Back
7. Whaddya Wanna Know
8. Real Thing
9. Strummin’
10. My Little Raygun
11. I Am Rooftop
12. Morgan
13. Another Man
14. Hey Cool Kid (Acoustic, Live for The FADER)
15. Can’t Stay Awake (Live at Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY 6/24/10)
16. Turning On (Live at Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY, 6/24/10)
17. Hey Cool Kid (Live at Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY, 6/24/10)
The Turning On reissue also arrives ahead of their forthcoming album The Shadow I Remember out February 26th. Pre-order the album here.