Watch the beloved music video from Chelsea Jade “Superfan” music video out (again!)


The beloved music video for “Superfan” by Chelsea Jade is back! — freshly re-released after her new album Soft Spot. Come for Chelsea Jade dancing on stilts, stay for dry humor sprinkled throughout. Watch it here.

More about the track:
“I’m not easy going by nature and I fortify myself in unflattering ways to get through social situations. I become acerbic to assert my value in the room when what I really want is to be well-liked and respected, like bristling is the correct way to brush up on people. On the session – to work with Leroy James Clampitt is to be understood. He’s got a natural empathy that allows good humor about bad feelings, hence the little exchange voiced in verse 1.”

Her album Soft Spot is out now. Listen to it, including “Superfan” here + order a copy on vinyl.