Order 'Concession Stand Girl' on Ruby Red Vinyl <3 NEW EP FROM NAOMI ALLIGATOR IS OUT NOW!


The brilliant new EP from Naomi Alligator, called Concession Stand Girl, is out in the world today! It’s a release full of beautiful folk songs that are both raw and playful. Stream it here or order a copy on ruby red vinyl.

“On Concession Stand Girl, James shows her own technical wizardry in the connections she can make and the emotions she can conjure. Hers is a voice and an abstract way of viewing the world that you can’t help but want to hear more from. Are these simple songs? No. They are simply great.” – Secret Meeting Blog

To honor the EP release, Naomi Alligator recorded an online performance of songs from the release. you can watch it here.

Enjoy this new music, and stick around for great new tunes from Naomi Alligator to come.