'LIGHTSPEED' by Elijah Kessler out now Feat. collaborations with Toro y Moi, Instupendo, Nosaj Thing


this album is the first from debuting rapper Elijah Kessler, which features Toro y Moi on production as well as Instupendo + Nosaj Thing.

elijah kessler was still a teenager when the first LIGHTSPEED sessions took place with Toro y Moi he had most of his raps uploaded to soundcloud, which caught the ear of chaz, leading them to collaborate on toro y moi’s ‘SOUL TRASH’ mixtape — from there their relationship and musical collaboration grew resulting in elijah kessler finding his voice. both raw and defied; both immediate and considered; these are the brilliant songs they made together.

you can pick up a LIGHTSPEED cd at record stores, like these ones: