Fat Tony & Taydex by Michael Tyrone Delaney

New Album From Fat Tony Out Now! ‘I Will Make A Baby in this Damn Economy’ out now


The brand new album from Fat Tony & Taydex is out now. I Will Make A Baby in this Damn Economy is one of Fat Tony’s strongest yet, showing off his ability to paint canvases inside of songs that rarely spill past three minutes; they’re pocket-sized diaries replete with acute observations, character studies, microdoses of storytelling, and single-minded ruminations on a topic that bud, blossom, and fade before too long.

As with any Fat Tony project, the bars are tight as ever, but are so fluid for the 34-year-old it’s almost easy to take for granted the details, warmth, and humanity inside his free-associative tales of day-one friends who’ve passed, edgelord grifters who want to spit game, and nights on ketamine.

It’s here the mission statement of I Will Make a Baby in this Damn Economy comes into focus—you get the sense he means it, he’s ready for it, he’ll fight for it. He’s waiting to take the world at its word.

Listen to the album here.

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