how she would describe her music an unfamiliar listener & more 10 Questions For Naomi Alligator


How would you describe your music to someone?

I would love for it to be sort of a combo of Joan Baez/Animal Collective…those are my goals, one can only hope <3

What was the last song/album you listened to?

No Aloha – The Breeders

What is something that has inspired you recently?

An animation Called “Charlotte” by Zach Dorn

What is something on your bucket list?

I wanna make an animated feature

Where is a place you’d love to go?


If you could have dinner with any person in history who would it be?

Hmmmmmmmmm – the guys in MGMT? lol….Courtney Love?

What got you into making music?Encouraging friends, scoring my films/animations, listening to musicians I admire who record/produce their own music

What are strong themes that you visited while making your album?

Solitude, jealousy, commitment

What’s your proudest moment on your upcoming album?I think California Girl is my favorite song

What do you hope to do with your music in the future?

I think it would be cool to make the next album a visual album. I also want to record a song that’s over ten minutes long.

Anything you’d like to share that we didn’t ask you?

I write with my right hand and do everything else with my left