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There was once a boy that wanted to be a rock star. When he was little, he would smash rocks together, hoping that they would ignite into a star. They never did, not even once.

But one day, something strange happened. When he crashed two perfectly-shaped rocks together as hard as he could, a teeny-tiny spark jumped out from between them. Wow!

With wonder in his eyes, this messy-haired boy went to school to study sparks. Spark-plugs weren’t really his things, but rather the teeny-tiny sparks that run through your body and mine.

He wanted to figure out how to turn into a rock star.

After months and semesters and years of labor, he figured that there just had to be an easier way. What could it be? And just then, in his despair he began to listen.

Now he lives and works in Berlin.

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